Performance True off-road capability
Design Uniquely designed
SA built
Build South Africa's first ever factory-built truck

Ranger Raptor

Bold and innovative, the Ranger Raptor is one of the finest vehicles to come out of the Ford factory to date.


The Ranger Raptor oozes quality and strength with an impeccable interior and exterior craftsmanship. Care and detail have gone into the design of this vehicle, with a look that consists of sharp lines and edges. The front grille and bumper have been redesigned, giving the vehicle an overall muscular look and the chassis has been crafted with alloy steel to further enhance the Raptor’s resilience. Not only is the exterior practical, it’s also aesthetically pleasing. The interior is spacious and delivers ultimate comfort with the Raptor sports seats. An all-new instrument panel displays all the necessary information you need on the go


The Ranger Raptor has been built to take on any roads, on or off. The bi-turbo engine comes with 10-speed auto transmission and fantastic acceleration and torque. The vehicle comes equipped with several terrain modes, taking all variables into account. From normal, to sport, to rock crawl, any landscape can be traversed with ease. The Ranger Raptor’s steering wheel is equipped with paddle shifters, making gear changes smooth and drives unforgettable.


Peace of mind is guaranteed in the Ranger Raptor, especially with the various safety and security features found inside. Airbags, central locking and several drive-enhancing systems have been installed to make the Ranger Raptor adaptable and safe everywhere you go. Technological features such as lane keeping assist and hill launch assist have been included to make driving easier. The Ranger Raptor is waiting at Ford Mossel Bay to take you on your next adventure, with a variety of finishes and models for you to choose from.

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