1,029 Litre Boot Space Spacious
Stylish Materials Durable
ECOnetic Technology Clean


If you’re looking for a vehicle that delivers on comfort, enjoyment and convenience then the new Tourneo Custom is perfect for you.


Ford has created a van that is perfect for just about anything. Whatever you need to carry, the new Tourneo Custom will have more than enough space to cater to your needs. The vehicle comes with six comfortable leather seats at the back. Go on holiday with your family and leave nothing behind with a boot that is large enough to store all necessities. Each rear seat can be tilted forward and fold to create even more space. This makes carrying massive loads a breeze. Never stress with this expansive van, which can be used for family, business and personal ventures.


The design of the new Tourneo Custom is simple, yet efficient, creating a pleasing look for this capable van. The dual sliding load doors open effortlessly, and the loading bay is large enough to easily store various cargo types. The Tourneo Custom comes equipped with large headlamps and front fog lamps to light the way on the darkest and murkiest roads. The body is large and resilient with a back, front and sides that are robust and athletic. The Tourneo Custom is available in a variety of glossy colours and finishes.

What vans are made of

Go the distance with the new Tourneo Custom. Its duratorq engine has been crafted with power, acceleration and torque in mind. Combine this with the hydraulic power-assisted steering and different driving systems, and you get a powerful van that handles like a dream. Custom in every sense of the word; the Tourneo will match your lifestyle and make sure that all eyes are on you when cruising down the road.

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